Perfection is not who or what your striving for,

perfection is who and what you are.

Hi! I’m Josh, welcome to my site!

I’m a theatre artist, actor, and yoga teacher. Please have a look around and see what may inspire you.

Yoga practice is in the sensation of pressing your fingers into the mat. The rest is just theatre.

Recent writings

  • Tough Political Conversations
    I was just reading a FB comment debate with a Trump supporter on another friends status and it was a very nice conversation, which god those are rare and so needed! But one thing I see time and time again with Trump supporters and Trump leaners is the fact that they don’t see anything wrongContinue reading “Tough Political Conversations”
  • Incomplete
    I have been ruminating on the idea of being ‘complete’ and being ‘done’ and what I mean by ‘done’ is that space where you feel ok in your own skin, feel solid, and know all the things. Because here I am at the age of 38 and I feel far from that… I still feelContinue reading “Incomplete”
  • Intentional 2020
    2019 has come a gone but as it passed I experienced another big move this time from one side of the country to another with some big changes in many ways that I am still getting a handle on. I am still trying to find my place in this new area, but I have lovedContinue reading “Intentional 2020”